Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Thirty-six weeks.

Can you believe it? I’m already thirty-six weeks along in this pregnancy! I’m less than a month away from the due date, and Eugene & I are starting to get really excited to meet our little girl.

36 weeks

Small details updated – I’ve not been nearly as hungry lately. I still want my lunch early (11:30 when it used to be 1:30), but for the most party I’ve not been starving all the time. I haven’t had many “cravings” or anything that really sounded good to me, other than cold things like popsicles, ice cream, and ice water.

Swelling’s increased some, mainly my ankles in the evening, but nothing too terrible. I had two people at work today tell me I’ve really “popped out,” {not the most flattering comment}, but I agree that my belly has gotten bigger or at least more pronounced in the last week or two.  My stomach is feeling pretty uncomfortable and is sore to the touch. I think it’s because there’s not much padding between me and the baby.

I went to a Jason Gray concert on Sunday. I had a fleece blanket wrapped around my belly {I looked really cool} to muffle the sound, but she still danced like crazy throughout the concert.

I’m feeling nervous about the birth – not necessarily the actual birth, but more so just praying that our little one is all okay, healthy, and without any complications. I am praising God even/especially through these last few weeks as I think back to my miscarriage and the long time of waiting for good news of a pregnancy again. I had at least five beautiful women who shared their fertility challenges with me sometime after my miscarriage post, and this week marks the fifth woman who has told me she has great news of another pregnancy! {Seriously, wow, God!} Five out of five women I’ve been praying that God would bless with a new pregnancy, He did just that. God is so good and prayer is so powerful. It’s all God, and I just praise Him for my little one on the way and for the five others that are too. He is so amazing!


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