Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Thirty-four weeks.

It’s crazy how close I’m getting to meeting my baby girl. Seems like every pregnant woman I’ve ever talked to always says how slow it seems to go, but I’ve not felt that way much. Sure, I feel like I’ve been anticipating there little one’s arrival for a long time now, but I feel like I was just throwing the gender reveal party yesterday. Maybe  it’s because I’m cherishing every possible minute of this pregnancy because my first one was cut so short, or maybe it’s because I’ve been blessed with a relatively “easy” pregnancy so far. Regardless, I’m thankful for the huge blessing and opportunity God’s handed me.

34 weeks

The color is always funky in these photos because the lighting’s really weird in my kitchen. Oh well. 34 weeks, and looking like I’m smuggling a bowling ball under my dress.

I will honest though, I think I’ve officially hit the really uncomfortable stage. My hips ache, my stomach is stretched tighter than I thought possible, my feet are cramping like it’s their job, and my butt really hurts. Sorry if that’s TMI for you {dad & Eugene’s dad}, but no one told me that could be a side affect of pregnancy – so ladies, consider this your warning. I think it must be the extra weight and changing hip bone structure, {or maybe the 9+ hours I spend sitting in the car & at work each day, but man it hurts to sit!

I’m also less hungry lately. Nothing sounds good to me. I’m not sure if this is due to some pretty hefty stress I’ve been facing lately or just because the little one’s taking up more room, leaving less for my stomach.

I’ve had some amazing showers’ lately, received a boatload of generous gifts, and I can’t wait for the little one to enjoy all her new things! Oh, and I’m nesting up a storm…mainly at work, but organizing details is kind of my job anyways. I’ve cleaned and organized our entire garage, cleaned and organized every shelf in our refrigerator, and cleaned my car really well too. I've been wanting tackle these things for a while, but with the time passing so quickly, I felt like I needed to get my {sore} rear in gear. Organizing/nesting is making me feel much less anxious…definitely a good thing. :)

Just 6 or 7 more weeks until I meet you, little girl! I cannot wait to see your beautiful face and hug you tightly. You’re so loved, little one.


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  1. You know... I have that exact same dress. Although, it was borrowed from a friend... You look cute!! :) I'm so excited for how close you are to the end!


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