Sunday, June 22, 2014

A bridal shower brunch.

This weekend we threw Eugene’s brother’s fiancé, Kelsey, a bridal shower brunch. This shower was definitely a team effort. I had great help from Eugene’s family with the food, Eugene’s mom graciously allowed us to use her house, and his sisters helped me decorate. Whenever I get to help plan a shower, I usually try to have it in the morning as a brunch. First, breakfast is my favorite meal – the food’s amazing, and there’s something special about enjoying the first meal of the day with friends and family, starting completely fresh. Second, it’s really nice to still have most of your day free after a shower. Many showers are in the early afternoon – twoish – and that usually means you can’t really do much before the shower, and afterwards it’s too late to have any other plans. As an Event Planner, I think it’s nice to your guests (and you usually get a better turn out) if your event is at a convenient time. I know not everyone’s a morning person, but most women I talk to love and appreciate early showers. Just my own little opinion on that! ;)

Here are some of the details from the bridal shower brunch…


I used some chalkboard paint to make the wine glass favors for everyone. I had some extras which went home with the bride for her party stock. We filled the glasses with Mock Mimosas, which I made using orange juice and ginger ale. Turned out pretty yummy!


Eugene’s grandma stepped up to the plate to make us a donut cake for the shower, and she hit a homerun! How deliciously amazing does that look? I imagine heaven may look {and taste} a little like that!


I got a little creative with “sweet love” wedding template and used it for a menu, invites, and food labels. You can find the info on how to make tissue paper flowers on my blog here. {Super easy!}


We had a coffee bar, egg casserole {this recipe except with a few modifications, mainly doubling the eggs}, banana bread, and the fixings for fresh yogurt parfaits.




The rest of the decor was pretty simple with Circut cut hearts made using paint chips, a monogram, tissue paper balls.

IMG_9929b IMG_9933b

We played a game with movie quotes from famous romance movies. Most of our guests failed miserably at this game, so we thought it might be better to have a word bank of sorts to make it a little easier. It was still a fun game and gave us lots of laughs as everyone tried to figure out the answers.


I love this picture of the little one and my mom. She really wanted to just spend the whole morning showing Grandma the baby birds that are in the nest outside her Nana’s house.


The bride-to-be opened some lovely gifts, while answering questions her about her fiancé as she thought he would answer, i.e. what did Dillan say his pet peeve is? We hoped the questions would be a fun distraction during the opening of the gifts {which can get uncomfortable for the bride with all that attention!}


The other activity we had involved a Jenga game. The instructions for the active were as follows: “Grab a block from the tower, sign it, and write a special message to the soon-to-be newlyweds. Return the block to the bowl. Your happy thoughts, advice, and date night ideas will help them BUILD their lives together as husband & wife!” We had Kelsey draw a couple blocks and gave prizes to the winners. We also offered the opportunity to share the message with the group. We had some very wise advice ranging from working to be selfless in marriage, each spouse giving 100% {not each giving 50% to make 100%}, writing down the little things you love most about your spouse regularly so you don’t take those for granted and remember to be thankful for it all, and more. Now when the couple has a game night, they can be reminded of advice/date ideas/people who love and support them.


It was kind of a lot going on for the little one, but all things considered, she did pretty well through the shower.


Eugene’s sisters, mom, and Kelsey & me. I love these women…even if I am way taller than everyone else! Kelsey and I are certainly blessed to get to marry into this amazing family! :)


I hope Kelsey enjoyed her shower and felt super loved and encouraged. We’re excited for her to begin her new journey as a wifey!


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