Thursday, April 3, 2014

It’s a…

Today, Eugene and I went to the 20 week ultrasound. I prayed a few very specific things late last night while trying to fall asleep. God was so gracious and answered each exactly! It was a morning chock full of wondrous things. And the best thing? Without a doubt, watching my healthy baby baby wave and turn and roll.

gender reveal10

gender reveal9

gender reveal11

Eugene’s evening baseball game was cancelled for bad weather, so that gave us an unexpected free evening. We decide to let our family in on the “secret” this evening, rather than our original plan of later this week. They were pretty anxious to know whether they can expect a boy or another girl. The reveal was nothing nearly as planned or big as the little one’s gender reveal, but I still wanted to make it exciting and fun. This baby is definitely worth celebrating. :)

P.S. Can we just take a moment to look at the last gender reveal and notice how much my house has changed? And I just love how excited everyone was. Oh what love!


This time around, we went to Eugene’s parents’ house, followed by dinner with my family at our house {potato soup & my new favorite cornbread recipe – I’ll share it here soon.} I figured it’d be fun to let the little one do the revealing. I saw an idea online of putting food dye inside homemade white play dough to reveal the baby’s gender. Seemed easy enough…other than the fact that the little one isn’t quite as aggressive as needed to work the color out quickly. But after a little help and encouragement, everyone finally saw a peak of a color…

gender reveal

Can you tell yet? It’s a..

gender reveal4

It’s a…

gender reveal5

Baby is a…

gender reveal8

Yep – little one will have a baby BROTHER in August!

gender reveal2

We did the same thing with my niece and the little one later in the evening when my family came over…

gender reveal6

My sister wanted to watch the ultrasound DVD, but the girls really just wanted to make snowmen with their play dough. ;)

gender reveal3

Eugene and I are thrilled to welcome a baby boy into our family. {Although, please pass on boy advice to me! Coming from a family with two girls, I’m a serious boy rookie!}

gender reveal12

My prayer is that God will use us to raise a true Godly man. Such a responsibility and a privilege. We are blessed beyond measure. I’m still in shock – oh boy, oh boy!


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  1. Congratulations!!!I have a four month old baby boy! The only difference I know of for babies is that boys pee every where--on you, themselves, the wall, their bath, etc. Doesn't last too long though and is pretty funny!


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