Saturday, July 7, 2012

Our fourth.

It’s almost bath time and then bed time, so this is gonna be quick. We had a nice fourth of July with our families. I have one favorite pic from the day because it makes me laugh out loud every time I look at it. I think it belongs on one of those “awkward family photo” websites!


I waited until the last minute to decide I wanted a picture of the cousins, and by that time the little one was screaming her head off and Cate had just enjoyed a special blue sucker. Hahaha, this is classic!

I was feeling ambitious, so I made the little one’s outfit out of a onesie & two of my old shirts…


I used the ruffle technique I used for my bathroom curtain and shower curtain to gather the skirt portion, then I just sewed it on the onesie.



Then I wanted to cut the sleeves off & add a red star. Do you know how stinkin hard it is to draw an even star when you’ve only slept a few hours?! Answer – very hard. I had to go online and get a tutorial to draw an even star. Ridiculous.


And here’s the star being sewn on the onesie…


And here’s the little one modeling it after a fresh diaper change…


And a very tired looking momma in a family pic…


Hope ya’ll had a lovely fourth & got an awkward family photo too!


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