Monday, June 4, 2012

Things on my mind.

  • I’m 39 weeks tomorrow. I have a huge event tomorrow evening, so I’m hoping I can make it through that event and then meet my little girl the next day or so. That’d be ideal.
  • I’m only able to sleep every other night now. It’s a weird pattern that’s forming. I don’t mind, but I feel like if I’m going to be up all night than I might as well have a baby to rock.


  • I baked some sour cream coffee cake. Recipe’s definitely worth sharing in a post.


  • Eugene’s been working hard at transforming the little one’s bathroom. It’s looking so much better!


  • My brightly colored cloth diaper stash drying from their first wash makes me smile. Who knew diapers could make me smile?! I have 19, but I’m thinking I’ll need 10 or so more, but we’ll see. I got the all-in-ones that basically have the outside cover that adjusts to fit 8-35 lbs with snaps and then have bamboo cloth inserts that are the really absorbent part. I’ll do a post about my cloth diapering experience when I get more actual experience.


  • I sewed a car seat cover. I really like the idea of it so that I can hide my baby from the paparazzi people at the grocery store. I know that sounds weird, but I still like the covering. I also love the bright pink & orange combo of fabric. I’ll do a post with more details some time on the measurements and process.


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  1. Love your car seat cover!! It is important to keep those germs from your baby girl. For some reason, stranger think it is ok to touch babies. We try to keep our little one from ANYONEs unwashed or unsanitized hands. Noah was in the hospital around 2 months old because of RSV caught from someone with the common cold. You have to be I LOVE your cover! Good luck with your birth and enjoy your bundle!


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